Earlier Rulings Could Provide Clues to Outcome of DoJ E-Book Case

Publishers Lunch looked at the previous antitrust rulings of Judge Denise Cotes, who the Department of Justice requested preside over its case against Apple, Penguin and Macmillan, to see whether they could provide insight into how she might rule (What Judge Denise Cote’s Past Rulings May Say About The eBook Price Fixing Case):

When the Department of Justice sued Apple and the “Agency Five” publishers, they requested the case be presided over by Southern District Court of New York federal judge Denise Cote, since she was already hearing the proposed class action lawsuit that merged a number of actions in New York and California. We thought it might be instructive to look at some of the key cases Judge Cote has ruled on since she was appointed as a federal judge in 1994 that may provide some insight into how she might approach the ebook price fixing suits by the federal government and civilians alike.

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