E-Book Distributor ePub Direct to Launch New Analytics Suite


eBook distribution and management company, ePubDirect, have today announced plans to launch a new custom built eBook Analytics Suite to allow publishers to track and analyse their eBook sales through their ePubDirect account.

This is the first of an innovative line of business intelligence products being rolled out this summer, and sees the company broadening their service for their many publishing clients. The custom analytics suite gives publishers the power of a built in dashboard with reports and analytics to drive operational insights and identify trends.

CEO of ePubDirect, Gareth Cuddy, explains what led to this development:

“This analytics suite was born out of demand by our publishers for knowledge and firm data. The  lack of measurable eBook sales data and trends is no longer acceptable as eBook sales are now contributing to publishers’ revenue in a significant way. ePubDirect have always been at the forefront of technology with our distribution offering and we are continuing this with our suite of complementary products.”

Publishers will gain personalised visibility of their eBook sales and trends across ePubDirect’s vast platform of 140 retail outlets and 25,000 libraries. The eBook Analytics Suite will simplify publisher’s ability to analyse and make decisions based on key performance indicators and corresponding industry specific benchmarks.

The analytics suite will include metrics for individual titles, broken down by demographic, timelines and retailer revenue. The suite is in beta test with a select number of ePubDirect publishing clients and is expected to be rolled out in full by September. Built to cater for ePubDirect’s existing customers, it can also be adapted to allow other publishers to input their sales information to access the powerful business intelligence that the platform provides.

ePubDirect have also entered the eBook marketing space with the appointment of  a Digital Marketing Manager, Patrick Crowley, who is charged with developing effective marketing strategies for publishing clients, he welcomes the inclusion of this analytics suite:

“While the industry press reports an enormous increase in eBook sales in recent years, the impact on individual publisher’s performance is often passed over. Getting an accurate view of your eBook sales has become crucial for publishers. This analytics suite will go a long way to fulfilling that data void and works in tandem with any marketing activity to show the direct impact of any campaign.”

About ePub Direct
Founded by Gareth Cuddy in 2009, ePubDirect, provides comprehensive digital publishing services to publishers, enabling them to get their eBook titles to market quickly and efficiently. Using its state of the art software, publishers can easily build their own personal eBook catalogue online, while ePubDirect handles all the associated distribution, administration and billing duties.

ePub Direct has been guiding clients through both simple and complex transitions to digital markets and has built up a reputation within the publishing industry for commitment, trust and innovation.


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