E-Book Borrowing at Florida Libraries Surges as Residents Seek Free E-Books

A Boca Raton library system is seeing a surge of patrons. The culprit? Free e-books. Residents can register for the service simply by calling the libraries registration desk (number below). From the Sun Sentinel (eBooks use surge at county libraries as Boca starts up):

Now the two city libraries are jumping aboard the eBook reader and device craze, since OverDrive, the service they both use, went live with Amazon/Kindle compatibility in September.

“We got a lot of Boca city residents who joined our library just so they could have access to our free eBooks. Since Amazon joined, a waterfall of patrons came in,” said Morales, whose Glades Road Branch in West Boca is having an eBook lecture class at 2 p.m. May 16. [Registration is required by calling the information desk at 561-482-4554.]

Read more at the Sun Sentinel.


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