DOJ’s Harsh Words for Apple, Penguin, Macmillan

The Department of Justice didn’t mince words in its response to the latest filings by Apple, Penguin and Macmillan in what has become the e-book price-fixing settlement saga.
To Apple: The need for you to conduct your e-book business can’t stop the settlement.

To Penguin: We don’t need to show that e-book prices have gone up across the board – just that yours did, which we do here and here.

To Macmillan: You can’t prove that the settlement will result in an Amazon monopoly and we don’t think it will anyway.

The DOJ also responded to a filing from Barnes & Noble and the American Booksellers Association, saying that the great volume of letters opposing the settlement didn’t mean it wasn’t in the public’s best interest.

So, will the settlement go through? Antitrust experts say yes.


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