DOJ Settlement Will Rescue US Postal Service

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Publishers Lunch‘s Michael Cader reports that the three Big Six publishers settling the Department of Justice price-fixing lawsuit will be refunding to customers some $69 million in overcharges resulting from the “agency” business model.

Just how the proper recipients will be ascertained, their refunds calculated, customers notified, and payments issued are questions that seem pretty daunting to our untrained eye. No surprise that a number of attorneys general “told the judge that working out the mechanics of how restitution would be provided to consumers ‘ has proven to be a far slower process than we originally contemplated,'” Cader reports.

If you think you qualify, look for an email, and when offered a choice you probably should elect to get credit towards your next purchase. It’s impossible to project the tally if everyone asks for a refund check to be cut and mailed, but it may be sufficient to rescue the US Postal Service from impending bankruptcy.

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