DoJ Letters: Self-Published Authors Vs. Booksellers, Agent, Consultant

The public has until June 25 to send letters to the Deparment of Justice commenting on the proposed settlement between the U.S. and Hachette, Simon & Schuster and HarperCollins in the matter of the DoJ’s e-book price-fixing lawsuit.

Many prominent members of the digital book community have sent letters for and against the proposed settlement — a proxy for being for or against the Justice Department’s initial action. Laura Hazard Owen has rounded up the best ones at and it’s a fight between Mike Shatzkin, Peter Glassman Bob Kohn, Simon Lipskar and Joe Konrath, David Gaughran, Courtney Milan.

Another way of looking at it is self-published authors (Konrath, et al) supporting the Justice Department and the settlement vs. booksellers, agent and industry consultant (Shatzkin, et al).

Read more, including excerpts of the actual letters, at



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