Digital Self-Publishing in a Foreign Language the Next Big Thing?

Is self-publishing foreign digital editions the next big thing? One author thinks they might be. Laura Hazard Owen of paidContent has the scoop (The Next Self-Publishing Frontier: E-Books In Translation):

Now [Barbara] Freethy is creating her own foreign-language editions. “I’ve translated three titles into foreign languages,” she told me. “Don’t Say A Word has a German edition (Sag kein Wort), Daniel’s Gift has a Spanish edition (El Regalo de Daniel) and Just The Way You Are has a French edition (Exactement Comme Tu Es). They are for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble (NYSE: BKS) and Apple.

“I hired a translator and a separate proofer to proof the translation for each book. In some instances I used a second proofer as well to make sure the translation was as accurate as it could possibly be. I went through for a couple of the translators and another was referred by an author to me. It’s a complicated process, but I do believe the global market is going to grow and I would love to make my stories available around the world in as many languages as possible.”

Read the rest at paidContent.


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