Children’s E-Book Publisher Goes to Print

Perhaps in a counter-intuitive move in the e-book era, a children’s e-book publisher has decided to print its entire catalog of e-books.

Irvine, Calif.-based Xist Publishing has already begun converting its 104 e-book-only titles to print books and will have completed the transition by September.

The company decided to make the transition when finding that its books that had both a print and e-book edition were selling more copies and at higher prices. Parents were also requesting print editions of their favorite e-books.

Xist Publishing creates e-books for a variety of devices and has been creating e-books since July 2011. The company has a dozen authors and 104 titles, including The Queen and the Cats: A Story of Saint Helena by Calee M. Lee and Secret Agent Josephine’s ABCs by Brenda Ponnay.


One thought on “Children’s E-Book Publisher Goes to Print

  1. Pamela Bitterman

    I would be pleased if you had a look at my award winning children’s book “WHEN THIS IS OVER, I WILL GO TO SCHOOL, AND I WILL LEARN TO READ; A Story of Hope and Friendship for One Young Kenyan Orphan”, for consideration for print publication.



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