Digital Book World Conference: A Strong Author Platform Translates into Book Sales

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Digital Book World Conference: A Strong Author Platform Translates into Book Sales
Authors Launch offers key marketing strategies for the author and
guidelines for successful author-publisher partnerships

The traditional book promotion paradigm is shifting away from publicist-generated buzz for new title launches, to a year-round marketing partnership between author and publisher. In the new model, the author takes charge of building a strong personal brand and collaborates with his publisher to grow awareness, distribution and sales. Authors Launch, a new event presented by Publishers Launch Conferences and F+W Media arms published and aspiring authors with what need to know about building a promotional platform that supports and enhances their publishers’ marketing efforts. The one-day event takes place January 18, 2013, at the Hilton New York in New York City immediately following the fourth annual Digital Book World + Expo. Full details on Authors Launch can be found at

Mike Shatzkin and Michael Cader of Publishers Launch Conferences have assembled an impressive roster of publishing house marketers to augment an all-star cast of consultants and service providers who will cover the topics every author needs to know:

  • How to develop and manage an effective author brand
  • What to do (and what not to do) before your book launch
  • The power of social media and how to determine the best strategy from a dizzying array of platforms including Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Pinterest, and YouTube
  • Finding your audience using audience-centric marketing and search engine optimization to drive your platform to the top Google search results pages
  • Why you need a 365 day marketing strategy and how to measure the success of your efforts. Learn which metrics to track plus how to interpret and act upon them
  • How to generate media buzz: when and how to hire a publicist, a primer on media training and how to further polish your public image

“This is a new era of book publicity and marketing. What used to be the sole province of the publishing house – finding a book’s market and letting it know a book they want is available – is now a shared responsibility to which the author can make a substantial, even a critical, contribution,”  says Mike Shatzkin, founder of The Idea Logical Company and program director for Authors Launch. “This program details what the publisher can do best for the author and what the author can do best for herself. A successful partnership translates into awareness, and ultimately sales.”

A special conference package bundles the last day of the Digital Book World Conference with Authors Launch for one price. Thursday programming at Digital Book World includes sessions of specific interest to authors as well as publishers. Self-published Author Hugh Howey will present a case study of “WOOL,” his self-published sensation that started as a novella on the Kindle platform. In Straddling the Models: Authors Choosing to Both Self- and Traditionally Publish, literary agents Kristin Nelson, Steven Axelrod and Jay Mandel will discuss how an increasing number of established authors are simultaneously working with traditional publishers while also issuing some titles directly. And, in The Evolving Author-Publisher Relationship: How Publishers are Powering and Empowering Authors Today, Carolyn Pittis of HarperCollins and Peter McCarthy of McCarthy Digital, will share how author education and author services are coming together at many publishing houses. This session will address services such as author portals, and the new approaches publishers are taking to better equip authors to join the marketing effort.

More details may be found on Digital Book World, an F+W Media event, online at  Register by December 7 for early registration discounts. Special group rates are available for companies bringing 3 or more people to the event.

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