Deep Dive Into DoJ Lawsuit

From Publishers Lunch (Details From the DOJ’s Lawsuit):

In their lawsuit against Apple and five agency publishers, the Department of Justice claims “the evidence showing conspiracy is substantial.” In the broadest terms, Justice charges that the defendants “shared their business information, plans, and strategies in order to formulate ways to raise retail e-book prices.”

More broadly, they charge that “Beginning no later than September 2008, the Publisher Defendants’ senior executives engaged in a series of meetings”–often in “private dining rooms of upscale Manhattan restaurants”–as well as “telephone conversations and other communications in which they jointly acknowledged to each other the threat posed by Amazon’s pricing strategy and the need to work collectively to end that strategy….Ultimately, in late 2009, Apple and the Publisher Defendants settled on the strategy that worked—replacing the wholesale model with an agency model that gave the Publisher Defendants the power to raise retail e-book prices themselves.”

Read much more at Publishers Lunch.


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