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Starting today and on every business day going forward, DBW subscribers (a group that has grown 50% since late last year) will be receiving the DBW Daily e-mail newsletter in place of the twice-weekly editorial newsletters we had been sending.

Our intent is that the DBW Daily become your one-stop shop for all the news you need to know each day in digital publishing and e-books, much like Digital Book World. As such, we’re not just linking to our own comprehensive coverage of the digital publishing landscape — we’re also going to bring you articles from all around the Web.

We know you’re busy and that you don’t have time to check a dozen websites and newsletters. That’s why we’ve created one that will strive every day to bring you what you need to know right to your desk without taking up too much of your time.

Speaking of not taking up too much of your time, I’ll get to the point: If you don’t already get our newsletter but would like to, click here or on the “Register” link at the top-right of the page and you should start to receive the new DBW Daily shortly.

For those of you who do get it, tell us what you think by emailing here!


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