Crowd-Funding Site For Authors, Pubslush, Relaunches

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Publishing Lovechild of American Idol and TOMS Shoes Debuts Revamped Global Publishing Platform

Pubslush announces new crowdfunding site for authors, agents, and publishers worldwide to bring book ideas to life; introduces readers directly into the publishing equation.

New York, NY Have a great idea for a book? Welcome to the new and improved Pubslush: a publishing platform for authors to fundraise and gauge the initial market for new book ideas. Pubslush allows authors to raise money to produce high quality content and mitigates the uncertainty associated with traditional and self-publishing by allowing authors to establish and understand their audience in advance of publication. Simply, the platform is a risk free starting point for authors and their proxies.

Here’s how it works:
1.    Authors build a book campaign, submitting a summary and sample of their work, and setting a fundraising goal and duration.
2.    Readers financially support their favorite submissions, in exchange for a reward (like a first edition, digital preview, etc.).
3.    Authors raise money and use supporter analytics to publish successfully via any publishing route they prefer.

Additionally, Pubslush operates an independent publishing imprint that acquires books from this platform, and for every book sold, donates a children’s book to a child in need. “Our goal is to reinvigorate the publishing industry to be more democratic and philanthropic,” said Pubslush founder, Jesse Potash.More than just a crowdfunding site, Pubslush identifies as a community of literary tastemakers, a global book club with a cause.

Key Features of Pubslush:
•    Books only – often on other crowdfunding sites, books are lost next to extremely vibrant, visual projects such as films and inventions. Not on Pubslush.
•    Flexible funding – authors keep the funds they raise, even if they don’t reach their target goal. Pubslush offers the lowest flat rate in the industry at just 4%.
•    Optimized for authors – Pubslush provides comprehensive supporter demographics, powerful promotion tools, and resources for navigating the publishing industry.
•    A publishing arm – built with authors in mind, by people who understand authors. Pubslush’s imprint acquires books solely from this platform.
•    Giving back – authors can elect to be part of Pubslush’s commitment to support literacy initiatives by donating a portion of their proceeds to the Pubslush Foundation.
•    Risk free, contract free – it’s free to submit a book on Pubslush, and at the very least authors walk away with funds to make their book a reality and a better understanding of their initial market. Authors always maintain all of their rights.

Pubslush originally launched in beta in late 2011 as a closed publishing platform exclusively for their imprint. “The evolution of the concept was natural, a response to the dynamic needs of our community,” added Potash. “The concept has always remained consistent: to enable writers and empower readers.”

About Pubslush
Pubslush ( is a publishing platform for authors to raise funds and gauge the audience for new book ideas, and for trendsetting readers to pledge their financial support to bring books to life. The platform, exclusively for books, is optimized to be a resource and network for authors to navigate the evolving publishing industry. Through a publishing arm, powered by readers, Pubslush acquires high potential books from the platform, and for every book sold, donates a children’s book to a child in need. Pubslush is entirely about giving: giving an opportunity to authors, giving a voice to readers, and giving books to children without access to literature.



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