Crowd-Sourced Erotic E-Book Cracks iBooks Top Ten

Nothing lately has been able to challenge the 50 Shades of Grey stranglehold atop best-seller lists but similar books have been inching into the top ten and at least one crowd-sourced effort has now done so.

According to a blog post by Matthew Cavner on the Vook blog, The Diamond Club is currently no. 4 in all paid e-books for iBooks and is a crowd-sourced effort orchestrated by the hosts of the NSFW podcast, Brian Brushwood and Justin Young.

The hosts asked their listeners to each submit a chapter of erotic fiction with the only stipulation being that they had to feature the same main character. The result lacks a cohesive plot but is packed with sex — reportedly. And that’s apparently enough to shoot it up the iBooks charts in the 50 Shades era.

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