Craigslist for E-Book Publishing: BiblioCrunch Launches New Marketplace for Authors and Publishing Services

Adding another service to fulfill the great and growing needs of the indie-author community, New York-based e-book services platform BiblioCrunch has launched an author services community.

Think Craigslist for e-book publishing.

The way it works is that authors and publishers put out to the community what services they need — editing, design or formatting, for instance — and e-book service providers bid for the contract.

Unlike Craigslist, which is basically a free-for-all, BiblioCrunch says that it vets every service provider.



BiblioCrunch Launches E-book Services Marketplace

NEW YORK – June 1, 2012 – BiblioCrunch, award-winning ePublishing platform, announced the launch of e-book services marketplace directly before kickoff of Book Expo America 2012. The marketplace creates new opportunities for authors, publishers and e-book service providers to work together.

The BiblioCrunch platform brokers the interaction between a community of rated and reviewed publishers, authors, designers, editors, proofreaders, conversion specialists, marketers and enhanced e-book experts to help create exceptional digital books. Using the new marketplace, authors and publishers can post their needs and publishing budget. The platform then matches e-book professionals to jobs that meet their skill-set and sends an email to the service provider. E-book service providers can then bid to complete these jobs.

The BiblioCrunch platform also hosts an easy-to-use one-click publishing tool for authors to publish everywhere and in all the formats (ePub, mobi, pdf). BiblioCrunch’s first e-book, an interactive NYC Dessert Guide, which incorporates interactive elements like Google Maps, was created using the publishing tool and freelancers on the BiblioCrunch platform.

“With the BiblioCrunch e-book services marketplace, the book publishing process becomes seamless and easy,” said BiblioCrunch CEO Miral Sattar. “With our platform, users will have access to high quality ePublishing professionals from around the world to create the best books. We vet every e-book service provider who requests to join the service. Our participating freelancers include e-book professionals with backgrounds from Simon & Schuster, Penguin, Harper Collins, Bloomsbury, Random House, Time Magazine, New York Times and several university presses.”

The BiblioCrunch platform features:

—  A community of over 500 vetted e-book professionals
—  Easy-to-use interface to post and view publishing jobs
—  Secure and timely payment system for e-book professionals
—  Ability to review and rate projects and service providers
—  Professional profiles that can be shared via social media
— Tools to publish e-books in all formats for submission to Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers

About BiblioCrunch

BiblioCrunch is the leading e-book services platform for authors, publishers, and e-book professionals. The company is privately held and headquartered in New York City.  For more information visit

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  1. Andrea J. Kramer

    Hello, I am a published author on Amazon, Kindle and Nook, and need five to ten pages of poems published as an encore addition of my latest work under “The Deep South, Not Just States of Beauty, She’s A State of Mind”,
    Quad of Lyrical Poems by Andrea J. Kramer on Kindle and Nook. My other work is called “Beautiful Days” (On Leave From Iraq), A Collection of Lyrical Poems by Andrea J. Kramer also on Can you help me publish my latest Lyrical Poems from April until now??



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