Craigslist for Digital Publishing BiblioCrunch Adds New Features

New York-based BiblioCrunch, a marketplace for digital publishing freelancers launched in June 2012, has given itself a face lift as well as launched several new services, including a subscription program. According to an email from the site this morning, BiblioCrunch:

— Made the user-interface on its website “sleeker and easier to use”

— Launched a “concierge service” where users can ask publishing-related questions

— Responding to queries about how users should market their books, launched “author promotions,” which basically means that BiblioCrunch will use its social media following to help promote specific books

— Created a subscription service where users don’t have to pay transaction fees for when they win proposals and will have free access to the “concierge service” and “author promotions”


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