Citia Launches Free App to Sample Its New Kind of Non-Fiction Book Content

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Citia Launches Free Sampler App
Kevin Kelly’s “What Technology Wants” (Preview
Edition) Snapshots Key Coverage Points in Full Book

New York, NY, September 18, 2012 — Citia is pleased to announce its latest iPad
app: a guided tour of Kevin Kelly’s eye-opening What Technology Wants. “We wanted
readers everywhere to see some of the most innovative content design in publishing
today,” said Citia CEO Linda Holliday. “Starting today they can.”

This free app, now available in the App Store, contains more than a dozen beautifully
designed “reading cards.” Each card is like a promotion for the idea it contains. Built
from excerpts and annotations, the cards are fully shareable. On Twitter or Facebook,
by email or the Web, they travel the way great ideas should: far and wide.

Readers who like what they see are one tap away from upgrading to the 200-card full
Citia edition of What Technology Wants.

If your reading habits move faster than your books, you’ll love Citia.

Launched this past June at the Wall Street Journal’s prestigious “D” conference, Citia
has earned critical praise and great reviews. “I can see Citia being very useful for nonfiction books. I’m an avid reader, but there are too many books I want to read and not
enough time,” wrote ReadWriteWeb’s Richard MacManus. “Citia fills a need for me and
no doubt many others.”

About Citia Books
Citia helps important ideas travel farther, faster. Using professional writers and
designers, Citia condenses popular books onto virtual index cards. Citia’s card-based
system frees ebooks from paginated, linear constraints.
Citia’s publishing partners include Penguin, HarperCollins, and Hachette. Launch titles
in 2012 include some of the most buzz-worthy books at the intersection of business and

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  1. Peta

    In case you were wondering where to find our free app sampler of What Technology Wants by Kevin Kelly, here is a hard link to it:



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