China to Amazon Re Kindle Store: Not So Fast

Within a day of Amazon announcing its Kindle store launch in China, the Chinese authorities are investigating its legality, according to a report from ZDNet.

Earlier this week, it came out that Amazon was launching its Kindle store in China, which many thought it meant that its Kindle device business was not far behind. According to the report from ZDNet, the General Administration of Press and Publication of China immediately launched an investigation into the move, specifically into the way that Amazon constructed its deal.

Reportedly, Amazon is selling its ebooks books through a license acquired by its Chinese partner That license may not confer upon Amazon to sell ebooks under its Kindle brand there. Amazon had applied for its own license to sell ebooks in China but has not yet received it yet.

Amazon has had some success in working around issues dealing with the U.S. government, however, the company seems to be making some concessions nationwide in starting to collect sales taxes. Recently, the company faced intense scrutiny in the UK over its tax collection.


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