China Dazzles in London

A good summary of the London Book Fair up until this point from Publishers Lunch (What Do You Do For A Encore?):

China is this year’s guest of honor, and in a show of force they are clearly the largest purchaser of booth space as well. The country’s exhibitors have taken large swath of space in the second hall, Earl’s Court 2, and it’s hard to imagine how they will come close to filling the hall next year when Turkey is the featured guest. China’s display includes the largest and snazziest on-floor stage/theater we’ve seen at a book fair, which features a continuous roster of speeches in Mandarin, greeted with rounds of polite applause. They are said to have sent over 1,000 delegates from 180 publishing organizations. Though biggest in space, ironically it’s also the least trafficked part of the two halls of exhibitions. As our colleague Mike Shatzkin of the Idea Logical Company quipped, “It’s the opposite of China” itself.

Read more at Publishers Lunch.


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