Canadian Library Patrons Borrow Lots of E-Books

In the first quarter of 2012, among books borrowed at Canadian libraries, nearly 28% of them were not print books, according to BookNet Canada, which has compiled a report about the behavior of Canadian library patrons.

That 28% were e-books, audio books and “other” things people go to the library for, according to Pamela Millar of BookNet Canada.

Another finding: When they can’t find what they want in a library, about a third of Canadian patrons say their first instinct is to go find it free elsewhere and nearly a quarter said they would buy it.

According to a recent study in the U.S., among people who borrow e-books, 41% bought their last e-book, suggesting that those who borrow e-books also buy them.

Chart: If the library does not have a book you would like to borrow, what do you do?

Source: BookNet Canada


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