Can Twitter help eBook sales?

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With the eagerness of authors to engage their audience via existing social channels, how long until we begin seeing truly engaging ebook ads within Twitter streams?

Wednesday morning I noticed this interesting ad in my Twitter stream from Intel.

Intel's Twitter Ad

What struck me was the amount of screen real estate this particular ad took. While the image is certainly striking, it did little to reinforce any Intel brand values (at least for me). It did get me thinking very seriously about Twitter ads and their potential impact on ebooks & author engagement.

For an ebook ad unit on Twitter, it shouldn’t just be an image. By presenting only an image, the ad (and the author) is missing the opportunity to truly engage potential readers with a glimpse into their story. The ad unit should be a fully interactive / immersive asset (optimized for mobile) that provides the first few hooks needed for a reader to “get” the story in question.

A short trailer? Sure. A quick animation of key quotes or character values? Why not. A great quote from the author about the book or main character? Absolutely.

There’s no question we’re a bit away from such developments … but I have a feeling the future is going to get here rather quickly.

The opportunity to engage passionate fans is just too high and the social coefficients simply too strong to ignore.

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