Call for More Dialogue Between Publishers and Libraries

Publishers and librarians are not communicating effectively with each other, writes Lisa Long Hickman in American Libraries, the magazines of the American Library Association.

Hickman, sales and marketing manager at Westland, Mich.-based non-profit book publisher Dzanc Books, contends that the problem isn’t that libraries and publishers don’t want to talk, it’s that they don’t know how to talk.

Of course, libraries and publishers have worked together for decades; it’s the new element of e-books that has disrupted the relationship, Hickman says. Yes, the original mission of both organizations has stayed the same, and so has the basis for discussion: “Dzanc Books and other publishers bring authors to readers to encourage people to read, and libraries serve communities by advancing literacy.”

Where Hickman’s opinion may diverge from that of other publishers is when she says that readers who don’t buy from Dzanc serve the publisher just as well when they get to know their local library.

Read more at American Libraries.


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