booxl, Another Spotify for Ebooks Slated to Launch in Beta This February

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SkyInk Studios Launching Ebook Subscription Service, booxl tm Seeks To Be A Leading Ebook Subscription Provider

Washington D.C.- Ebook and book app developer, SkyInk Studios, has announced a plan to launch a new ebook subscription service, booxl. The service will employ a model similar to both Netflix and Spotify. Customers will be able to download the booxl app to view ebooks and book apps through their tablet and e-reader devices and also stream the content online.

The company began developing the platform some months ago as a way to offer their own titles and those of partner publishers and authors. That idea became a vision to create the leading ebook subscription service. In addition to its network of partners, the company is building relationships with outside publishers and authors. SkyInk is also in dialogue with a major data provider to license a substantial number of ebooks for the platform.

“Our goal with booxl is to provide the number one ebook subscription service. We have seen mention of other e-book subscription startups so we thought it time to make our announcement. It is a nascent market and the competition is necessary for it to mature and offer consumers the best choice,” said SkyInk CEO, Arthur Ebeling (28).

“We believe our advantage is in our love for books as well as our familiarity in working with authors and publishers to develop ebooks and book apps. The publishing industry has really been disrupted and I think it important to preserve the integrity and love for reading. Our posture is one of working fairly with publishers and authors. We also want to give smaller publishers and less known or even first time authors a real opportunity to share their books. It is reminiscent of when Apple gave third party developers a chance to distribute their own apps. We want to create a similar empowerment.”

Unlike some niche ebook subscription services, booxl will be a multi-genre platform, offering customers a wide breadth of selection spanning all sorts of fiction, non-fiction, reference, education and even digital magazines and comics. The platform will include a large children’s section and child-friendly interface. The company hopes for its beta version to be live in February.

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