Books at JSTOR Offers Scholarly Ebooks on a Flexible Purchase Model

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JSTOR, a digital library for scholars in the humanities, social sciences and sciences, has added 15,000 scholarly ebooks to its collection of journals, book-reviews and primary-source materials.
Ebook titles are available for purchase on both muti-user and single-user models. JSTOR offers single titles as well as “disciplinary packages, and customizable collections. Volume discounts are offered. [And,] demand-driven acquisition option is also available,” according to a statement. This means that universities and other institutions have access to a wide selection of titles but only purchase those that are used.
Of particular value for researches, all JSTOR material is cross-searchable. Ebooks are linked to book reviews and citations within journal articles.
Books at JSTOR launched earlier this week and will continually increase its collection of front- and backlist titles.

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