One thought on “Book Industry Wants Better Metadata for Marketing

  1. Jesus Peraita

    The central issue in this excellent post is: ‘If properly displayed on book retail sites…’

    Most of what is mentioned can already be expressed in ONIX 2.1. The ‘Series/Set’, ‘Prize’ and ‘RelatedProduct’ composites allow for most of it, if properly used.

    The problem lies more with the capacities of the producers and consumers of ONIX messages, than with the possibilities of the standard itself.

    The actual key problems are how to gather, consolidate, structure and maintain such disperse information on the producing side (the publisher’s?) and how to ‘display it properly’ at the message consuming side.

    Let’s face it.

    No matter how complex and complete the ONIX message there will always be collateral information that will need to be gathered by other means (where have the semantic web’s promises gone?).
    The _real_ challenge will be how to present all this extremely varied information in a structured, attractive and simple way to the potential reader.



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