Book Business to Split Into Three Major Segments? (Video)

Publishing consultant (and DBW partner) Mike Shatzkin at Digital Book World:

Even though in one sense we’ve had the change the tipping point in that e-books are now really part of the business, in another sense we haven’t had a change because so far the change has been in degree, not in kind. And we may be coming to changes in kind.

My personal view of that is that the industry is going to trifurcate.

We’re going to see publishers of immersive reading, straight text, publishers of children’s books and publishers of illustrated or non-immersive adult books – we’re going to see three different businesses there.

And it’s always been fine for that to be one business.

Why no longer? Shatzkin explains in the video below.

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One thought on “Book Business to Split Into Three Major Segments? (Video)

  1. Troy Johnson

    While the trifurcation of the publishing can be argued, the seismic changes brought on by the digital revolution makes the trifurcation issue largely irrelevant. That said I like this site and the video’s production and will add these videos my site thanks!



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