Book Art and a Limitation of E-Books

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Here at digital book world, we love e-books. We love reading ’em and we love writing about ’em.

But there are some things you just can’t do with an e-books, like this:

Last night, I was invited into the lovely West Village NYC home of Gael Towey who is chief integration and creative director of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia for a launch of something interesting that I’ll be able to tell you more about tomorrow. Aside from the raison d’etre for the event, the most fascinating thing was a series of paper sculptures. Each sculpture was a tower of folded paper exploding out of a book. Think: Tim Burton movie set in a library.

The pieces reminded me that though there is some element of the miraculous in the rise of e-books and e-ink and tablet computers that put the power of god and all the information in the world literally at your fingertips, there is still untapped magic in the printed book.

The artist of the sculptures is Towey’s husband, designer Stephen Doyle. You can see more of his work below in my crude non-iPhone-camera handset photos or here.



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