Big-Six Publisher Sells Stake in Teen Website to Rival Site

From The Wall Street Journal (HarperCollins Sells Teen-Writer Site):

HarperCollins Publishers Inc. is selling its teen website Inkpop to a bigger rival called Figment, abandoning a digital experiment begun in 2009.

Both sites are aimed at teens who post their own writing and critique the work of others.

HarperCollins’s launch of the site reflected publishers’ interest in Web communities aimed at specific niches, where they can focus their marketing efforts. But after three years, Inkpop had built a user group of 95,000 compared with 115,000 at Figment.

Read more at The Wall Street Journal.

7 thoughts on “Big-Six Publisher Sells Stake in Teen Website to Rival Site

  1. office supplies

    Im no so sure how much of a smart move by HarperCollins have made there, i have found the smaller more niche social networks have been becoming more popular with the slight back lash there seems to be witht the likes of facebook



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