Best-Selling Children’s Author Publishes Video ‘V-Book’

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Launching of the first vBook

Children’s book author Hans Wilhelm has launched the first vBook – where every chapter is a short video instead of printed or electronic text. But why would a best-selling author who has over 42 million books in print publish on Youtube instead in paper, ebooks or apps?

“Kids who loved to cuddle up with my books when they were young are now living with Youtube, Facebook and Pinterest,” said Hans Wilhelm. “If I still want to reach them I have to meet them where they are.”

Over the years Wilhelm has also created many inspirational books and apps for Random House, Scholastic, Hay House and Meegenius. With his first vBook called LIFE EXPLAINED ( he now goes one step further. The book is an introduction into spirituality based on the leading spiritual paths of our time. For many years Wilhelm has been inspiring audiences around the world with his life-affirming concepts. With LIFE EXPLAINED he now reaches out to the younger generation. “I know there are quite a few young people who struggle with life’s big questions – as I did when I was their age,” he said. “But I wasn’t so lucky to have Google or any other electronic medium they are now living with.”

Being not only an author but also an illustrator Wilhelm has used his gift to make complex abstract concepts – like cosmology – visually comprehensible. In many of his videos one can watch him drawing as he explains the subject. The various topics of his short videos include serious subjects like suicide. Since October is the anti-bullying-month there is even a video showing the dynamic of bullying. All his videos for this first Level 1 book are free and can be seen on:

One thought on “Best-Selling Children’s Author Publishes Video ‘V-Book’

  1. Jim Fallone

    Children’s Television Workshop thought this was a good idea 1969 with Sesame Street. Glad to see digital publishing moving into the 20th century. vBook is a nice exercise in marketing but implying linked videos, no matter what the topic, are a children’s book is like saying the Season One DVD box set of Dexter is novel.

    The book metaphor is a very good way to monetize free YouTube videos and can create new demand for tons of long tail web content but it also creates mediums that, particularly for children, implications have to carefully be thought through. Watching a video is not the same as a parent reading text to their child – particularly for complex life and philosophical information. A parent’s ability to add personal tailored nuance as they read and a child’s ability to directly ask questions and interact with the reader are what makes a book unique. Video is a completely different medium that is digested differently and I worry that intentionally converging the meaning of the word book may have a diluting effect down the line.



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