Barnes & Noble’s British Invasion

Barnes & Noble announced that it will launch its Nook business in the UK this Fall, but is it too little, too late for the largest U.S. bricks-and-mortar bookseller?

With an already-crowded UK e-books market and no retail partner in sight, observers wonder if Barnes & Noble can overcome the head starts the Amazon, Kobo and others have mustered.

“It’s a little like musical chairs,” said Eoin Purcell, editor of Irish Publishing news and an expert on the UK e-book market. “The music has stopped and their rivals are sitting on the Waterstones and WHSmith chairs and they are still looking for somewhere to sit.”

Perhaps Microsoft can help Barnes & Noble find its footing in the UK. The tech giant pledged $25 million a year for the next five years to help B&N launch Nook internationally.

Microsoft Let-Down (Bloomberg)
The euphoria surrounding the Barnes & Noble and Microsoft deal has faded, leaving investors wondering how Barnes & Noble plans on building its Nook business.

New Technology Promises in-Book Interactions Between Authors and Readers (DBW)
Dubbed “WeJIT,” the new technology allows instant communities to form around any topic or common interest. WeJIT is a Democrasoft and Vook project.

Making E-Books Like P-Books (BBC)
Of all the things to miss about print when you’re reading e-books – the smell, the texture, the weight, for instance – the thing to miss most might be the ability to share. That could change soon.

Open Road to Publish Next Fifty Shades? (DBW)
The digital book start-up will be publishing British erotic-romance trilogy, Eighty Days. The popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey (which tops our latest e-book best-seller list) has spawned more than just imitator titles.

Can an MBA Help You Get Ahead in Publishing? (Publishing Trends)
In the past, relatively few publishing executives had MBAs. Today, more of them do, including all four newly minted Random House senior vice presidents (appointed to help bolster Random House’s digital business). Should you get one?

E-Books Revolutionizing Education in India (DNA India)
A joint effort between Pearson and Attano, an e-books portal, is giving students in India with an Internet connection a way to download e-books to tablets and PCs. The Attano reader allows students to take notes, bookmark and highlight.

Macmillan’s New China Venture (Pub Lunch)
Macmillan has launched a new venture in China to bring its children’s books to the world’s second largest economy.

E-Book Myth Dispelled? (Forbes)
Consumers won’t pay relatively high prices for e-books, right? Wrong. Most of the books that consumers buy are not of the bargain-basement variety.


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