Authors Will Be Biggest Losers if Agency Pricing Goes Away, Says Shatzkin

From The Shatzkin Files regarding the Department of Justice investigation into agency pricing and its threats to sue Apple and five of the big-six publishing houses (If the Government Makes Agency Go Away):

Over time, the biggest losers here will be the authors. The independent authors will feel the pain first. Agency pricing creates a zone of pricing they can occupy without much competition from branded merchandise. When the known authors are only available at $9.99 and up, the fledgling at $0.99-$2.99 looks very attractive and worth a try. Ending agency will have the “desired” effect of bringing all ebook prices down. As the big book prices are reduced, the ability of the unknowns to use price as a discovery tool will diminish as well. In the short run, it will be the independent authors who will pay the biggest price of all.

But, in the long run, all authors will just get less. They will join the legion of suppliers beholden to a retailer whose mission is to deliver the lowest possible price to the consumer.

Read the rest at The Shatzkin Files.


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