Author’s Guild: Justice Department Settlement Is ‘Shocking Trip’

Best-selling author and president of the Author’s Guild Scott Turow on the Justice Department’s proposed settlement with publishers:

April 12, 2012. The proposed settlement is a shocking trip through the looking-glass.  By allowing Amazon to resume selling most titles at a loss, the Department of Justice will basically prevent traditional bookstores from trying to enter the e-book market, at the same time it drives trade out of those stores and into the proprietary world of the Kindle.  The settlement provides a gigantic obstacle to Amazon’s competitors in the e-book business by allowing Amazon to function without making a profit, something that leaves that market forbidding to anyone else who might think of entering, and a bad business for those already there.

Today’s low Kindle book prices will last only as long as it takes Amazon to re-establish its monopoly.  It is hard to believe that the Justice Department has somehow persuaded itself that this solution fosters competition or is good for readers in the long run.

One thought on “Author’s Guild: Justice Department Settlement Is ‘Shocking Trip’

  1. Jon-David Mafia Hairdresser

    This sounds positively un-American, and yet (if I may insert my quasi-politic thought here), the way our government “fixes” the finances of our financial institutions and businesses. I am sure that it is not the book selling part of Amazon that has brought the giant to the brink of financial disaster but their diversions and bad investments.
    Sad day for writers and book publishers.



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