Author Solutions Offers New ‘BookStub’ Service for In-Person E-Book Sales

Miss the days when you used to drive around with boxes of books in the back of your Subaru, selling them at readings and other events at bookstores?

Those days may be coming back, except instead of carrying the books in the back of your car, you’ll carry them in your wallet.

Author Solutions, a start-up used by over 100,000 indie-authors to self-publish and distribute their books, has launched a service where authors can sell their e-books in person via a credit-card-sized voucher with a picture of the book cover on one side and a unique product code on the other.

Dubbed BookStub, the program is meant to help authors market and sell their e-books in person and distribute them hassle-free to reviewers, the company said in a statement.

Perhaps this is the first step in giving e-books a more physical presence. One can imagine stacks of e-book download cards on racks next to bookshelves for those who want to buy both the p-book and e-book after a browsing experience at a local bookstore.

Like many other companies, Author Solutions is aggressively courting the indie author community by offering more services for less money. BookTango, the do-it-yourself division of Author Solutions, is currently engaging in a promotion where it offers 100% of royalties to authors who use its free service before July 4.

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