Aquafadas Updates Publishing System to Support New iPad


Aquafadas Moves To Support New iPad
Existing apps compatible with current and new iPads

NEW YORK (March 15, 2012) – Aquafadas, a leading developer of digital publishing solutions, is positioning its Digital Publishing System to support the new iPad’s higher screen resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 pixels.

The rapid adjustment means new and existing apps created with Aquafadas’ current Digital Publishing System are compatible with the new iPad, ensuring online content continues look as good on new iPads as it did on the earlier models.

Publishers have no immediate requirement to update their apps, although Aquafadas recommends that they re-generate their apps and publications to make full use of the new iPad’s Retina display. Aquafadas plans to release an update to their Digital Publishing System within the next few weeks to allow this seamless transition.

“Pixel-based images and videos of existing apps will be as sharp on the new iPad as they are on current 1,024 by 768 displays. Text will look even sharper on the new model by using the 2,048 by 1,536 resolution to its full extent,” explained Rainer Heckman, general manager of Aquafadas Inc. “Unlike other systems, text in our apps is vector based, and therefore independent from particular screen rsolutions. But we still recommend that our customers re-generate their apps, and use higher resolution images and videos, so their publications will look even better on the new iPad.”

Seamless Transition For Publishers
The transition to Aquafadas’ updated Digital Publishing System will be virtually seamless for designers.  They only need to make sure their content is of high enough quality to support the Retina display and that their videos use an 1080p HD format.
The updated Aquafadas system will take care of the rest. The InDesign plug-ins will export two publications, one optimized for current iPads, the other one for the new iPad., Aquafadas’ publisher portal, will ensure the right publication will be delivered.

“Our updated system once again underscores the value of the Aquafadas approach to getting content on to mobile devices. Instead of spending time and money on new apps whenever new devices are introduced, Aquafadas’ customers simply update their apps and content. We’re committed to adjusting our technology to new devices, so our customers don’t have to,” Heckmann added.

About Aquafadas

Aquafadas ( ) is an innovative developer of solutions for publishing to tablets and smartphones, and creative software for Flash®, HTML5, photo, and video editing. Aquafadas is the leader in the digital comics market with AveComics, used by French and international publishers to publish comics to digital devices. The company’s solutions have been chosen by more than 50,000 professionals to date.


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