April Sales Snapshot: Good News for Trade Books and E-books

AAP’s sales statistics report for April 2012 gave publishers some upbeat news, with reported increases of 9.6% in adult fiction and nonfiction. The month’s results, among those publishers who participate in the AAP StatShot program, showed an increase of 38% in e-book sales, to $92 million; a 10% increase in trade paperbacks; and a slight sales improvement of 0.5% for hardcover books.

April was also a good month for the children/young adult category, with an increase of 24.3% overall; e-book sales in this category rose 29%, to $7.5 million.

Higher ed publishing saw a sales boost, for course materials, of 11.5%.

But April was not so kind to other industry groups: Religious book sales fell 14.6%; professional books were off 15.7%; K-12 instructional materials down 11.9%

In a final burst of stats, the report summarized sales for the first four months of the year: Up 62% in children/young adult category (including a rise of 187%, to $71.7 million, for e-books), and up 3.5% in the adult category (including a 27.5% increase, to $364.5 million, for e-books).


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