Anonymous Publishing Exec Becomes Serial DRM-Breaker, Will Do It Again

PaidContent gave ink to a mystery publishing executive at a large publishing company to talk about his adventures breaking digital rights management software on e-books that he buys. The main takeaway: From his perspective, DRM isn’t helping publishers prevent piracy and could be helping booksellers lock consumers into their platform; and so publishers should abandon DRM.

Here’s a fun, telling excerpt (“Why I Break DRM on e-books”: A publishing exec speaks out):

The actual process of breaking the DRM was pretty easy. There are plenty of how-to resources that are only a Google search away from you. I’ve now unlocked books from both Amazon and Apple, and I ran into minor hiccups with both. But a bit of digging online and help from a trusted friend got me through it. Now I can read those books on any device I want to. My advice to newbies is to not give up. If you run into a problem, look around and I bet you’ll find the answer online. I think most readers would be able to do this easily. It just requires a bit of detective work and not giving up if you hit a roadblock.

A month or so in, breaking DRM has become a regular part of my e-reading experience. I don’t even think twice now whether I can only read this book on that platform. They’re all options for me. I plan to unlock every book I buy from now on.

Read much more at paidContent.


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