Amazon is Aggressively Out Marketing Publishers for Author’s Favor

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Today (Monday), Amazon featured, front and center, their latest salvo regarding the benefits of KDP.

While it isn’t a surprise for Amazon to aggressively promote the benefits of KDP (after all, they’ve been doing so for quite some time), today’s reference to Jessica Park and her piece titled, “How Amazon Saved My Life” is on a different level altogether.

You simply don’t see authors raving about traditional publishers like this.

Now, it would be silly (and myopic) to suggest there aren’t instances of authors loving their (traditional) publishers. However:

– The number of authors publicly RAVING about their publishers simply isn’t anything close to what the market is seeing regarding Amazon KDP.

– None of this love being shown for traditional publishers has been anywhere near as emotional or as effective as the Jessica Park piece (which, again, breaks new ground for Amazon)

What’s happening here is quite interesting. Amazon is simply doing what it does best – marketing content – and putting what it believes to be its best feet forward.

There is a swift and aggressive response needed from the traditional publishing sector to re-establish the emotion of publishing with their target audience.

The biggest question is, will we see it?

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8 thoughts on “Amazon is Aggressively Out Marketing Publishers for Author’s Favor

  1. Bob Mayer

    I received two emails from Amazon KDP people this weekend regarding questions I had. One was from the Worldwide General Manager of KDP time stamped 3 am.

    On the other hand, I’ve queried three different NY agents regarding whether they wanted to represent foreign rights on titles that have gross over one million dollars in the last 18 months. No replies. Because that’s business as usual in NY.

    At BEA the feeling at the KDP and Amazon imprints booths and the Audible ACX people was so different than traditional publishing, it’s not even close.

    In 20 years with NY no one ever said to me what Amazon says: How can we help you sell books?

    While Scott Turow and others can whine about Amazon, the reality is the Big 6 have been too complacent for too long and treated most of the their authors as not really important.

    And once more, I really think Turow, Richard Russo, Malcolm Gladwell and all the others in the elite 5% of NY publishing who slam Amazon need to pull all their titles from the site immediately. The hypocrisy is rather disgusting.

    The good old boys club of legacy publishing is crumbling but they seem to be the last ones to realize it.

  2. Polly Iyer

    I’ve been repped by an agent, loved her, she loved my work. Old story–no sale. I’d written a few suspense books and published two books in another genre under a pseudonym, since then a third. One by one, I published four books with Amazon. I created all the covers and did the formatting for both the digital copies and the paperbacks. Both the people at KDP and CreateSpace were professional, helpful, and accessible. I love the freedom, the expediency, and the finished product that Amazon affords. Not only that, my sales have increased every month. Will I ever be a top 100 writer? Probably not. But my books are out there, people are reading them, I’m making some money, and I don’t have to wait months, perhaps years, for every step in the publishing process to hold one of my books in my hands. That’s a pretty good working model in my opinion. My success is up to me, and that suits me just fine.

    1. Chris RechtsteinerChris Rechtsteiner Post author

      Polly – Thank you, too, for taking the time to comment. It’s really nice to read your story as well.

      It really strikes me that your final sentence is what it’s (becoming) all about – “My success is up to me, and that suits me just fine.” The ability to have control where control was severely limited (before) is hard to argue with.

  3. Diane Capri

    Hi, Chris,

    Count me among the “once trad/now indie” crowd. It took me a long time to get here because I simply couldn’t believe indie publishing in the digital age could possibly be as good as my fellow authors have claimed it is. I can’t tell you how fabulous it was to be wrong about that!

  4. L.J. Sellers

    Amazon has saved my life three times now. First, by establishing KDP and, not only allowing, but helping me reach readers. Second, by founding Kindle Select and allowing me to do book giveaways that gave me great exposure that doubled my sales. Third, by offering me an 11-book contract and the marketing support that will take my career to a whole new level. So yeah, I’m a big Amazon fan too.



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