Amazon Charging Triple for E-Books in Ireland, Newspaper Alleges

According to an investigation by The Irish Independent, readers in Ireland who buy e-books from Amazon pay much more for those e-books than their UK counterparts. For some reason, the newspaper alleges, Irish readers buy equipment from but buy books from (the U.S. site), where many of them are much more expensive (We pay three times as much as UK for ebooks):

IRISH readers are paying up to three times as much for electronic books as customers in the UK.

Global book-selling giant Amazon is charging consumers here much higher prices for ebooks, a survey by the Irish Independent has found.

The most glaring price discrepancy is for Irish psychologist Maureen Gaffney’s bestselling self-help book ‘Flourishing’ — the ebook version of which is nearly three times more expensive on

It is available for £2.30 (€2.83) from the UK site, but costs Irish readers $10.89 (€8.28) on the US site.

Read more at The Irish Independent.

One thought on “Amazon Charging Triple for E-Books in Ireland, Newspaper Alleges

  1. Nate

    That’s a stupid thing to excerpt.

    One, you should already know why they’re charging more, and two, if you don’t you should know who to ask for the explanation.

    You reposted FUD.



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