Agency Model an Advantage for Smaller Publishers? (Video)

The so-called agency model where publishers set the prices on e-books sold through online retailers — often higher than the $9.99 that has quickly become an expected price for e-books — may offer an advantage to those publishers who do not price their books higher than $9.99.

Bob Mayer, best-selling author and CEO of Who Dares Wins Publishing, an e-publishing start-up, believes that readers will choose cheaper, given the choice between one of his books, priced no higher than $4.99 and sometimes as low as $0.99 or free, and a book from a big-six publisher priced at $9.99 or above. (Disclosure: Mayer is also a DBW Expert Blogger.)

Mayer believes that its his company’s lack of significant overhead — back-office operations, publicity department and several other accoutrements of large publishing houses — that allows for the low pricing.

From an interview at Digital Book World:

Rich Fahle: What do you see the effect of the low-cost e-books having on just general trade fiction and non-fiction books that are out there from the larger publishers at $9.99 or $14.99?


Bob Mayer: That’s my big advantage over traditional publishers and I hope they don’t catch on…I understand why they have to do it [the agency model], I don’t have the overhead.

Watch the interview below:

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