50 Shades, the Musical!

The best-selling book of the year, thanks in-part to the ability to read it incognito on an e-reader, is now a musical.

According to a statement from the producers, the musical “has all of the kinky Fifty Shades features” and will “leave breathless theatre goers panting for more.” It’s cast as a parody.

The show, “50 Shades! The Musical,” opens in Scotland at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, an arts festival that runs throughout August in Edinburgh, Scotland.

With at least 20 million copies sold (10 million e-books), there are sure to be many extensions beyond the book. There has already been a wave of products come out attempting to capitalize on the popularity of the series. Some make sense and some, well, not so much:

50 Shades lingerie is a possibility

Car decals, including “baby on board” decals based on the popular catchphrase from the book, “laters, baby”

Wine glasses

Trading cards

— So much more


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