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Digital Book World Conference + Expo: Cyber Monday Sales Prove
“All I want for Christmas is a Kindle or iPad”

F+W Media’s digital publishing conference offers strategies and best practices for ebook producers

As the 2012 holiday shopping season kicks off, digital devices and e-readers top the wish lists of millions around the globe. Savvy publishers who are tuned in to the dynamic ebooks market – and its readers – will engage these new consumers throughout the new year with the right product mix and promotion. The Digital Book World Conference + Expo will address these aspects of transitioning to, and thriving in, the new digital publishing marketplace and more January 15-17, 2013 at the Hilton New York in New York City.

The carefully curated program composed of sessions presented by experts in publishing, finance, research and technology, will address ebook trends and best practices that can be implemented in companies of all sizes. Full details can be found at

Hear about the future of ebook pricing.
The settlement of the Department of Justice lawsuit by three major publishers ensured that the pricing of ebooks would be a closely watched subject in the fourth quarter of 2012. Earlier this year, Digital Book World introduced its new ebook bestseller list, prepared in conjunction with Dan Lubart and his company, IoByte Solutions. A distinguishing feature of the Digital Book World list is that it presents bestsellers in price tiers as well as overall, demonstrating at the beginning of the quarter that the high-priced agency books outsold the lower-price independents. In  eBook Pricing: State of play and analysis, Digital Book World Editorial Director Jeremy Greenfield and Lubart will look at the weekly Digital Book World examination of sales data over time and explain what they saw when the price controls built into agency books at the beginning were eased and what that means for the future.

Learn more about the companies that hold an ebook publisher’s fate in their hands.
In Publishing and the Platform Wars: Big tech players, their strategies, and how they impact the publishing business, Benedict Evans of Enders Analysis will provide a compelling overview of how technology behemoths Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft influence the publishing world. Evans, a financial expert who follows these companies closely, will advise publishers how to maximize ebook sales and promotion opportunities while minimizing business disruption influenced by the ‘big guys’ battle for growth and market share.

Discover how kids really feel about ebooks
Although children’s ebooks continue to get significant attention for impressive growth, surprisingly little is known about kids and e-reading.  In The ABC’s of Kids & Ebooks: New Data and Research on the Children’s Book Market, Dr. Alison Bryant will present results from PlayScience’s new “The ABC’s of Kids and E-reading” report.  Dr. Bryant will share never-before released data that will reveal exactly how many kids are reading digital ebooks, how much time they spend e-reading on the various devices, how much kids and parents are willing to pay for ebooks, and their habits, attitudes and preferences around e-reading. This valuable information will guide publishers in product development and marketing decisions by illuminating usage patterns, content preferences, and purchase drivers for ebooks.

Remove obstacles from International ebook Sales
In Clearing the Path: Eliminating Obstacles to Global Ebook Sales, Christopher Kenneally, Director, Business Development and Author Relations for the Copyright Clearance Center and Brian DeFiore, Founder of the New York-based literary agency of DiFiori & Company will share feedback from Kobo, operator of one of the more fully developed global ebook distribution networks extant today. Topics address issues that prevent ebooks from being sold in some territories: rights holes, bad metadata, and incomplete pricing practices that constitute a “Department of Sales Prevention” affecting many titles in many markets. Following the presentation, a panel including an agent and publisher/distributors that sell with both the agency and wholesale models will react to Kobo’s description of the reality of today’s global marketplace.

The Digital Book World Conference + Expo is just one conference in a week of events starting January 14 that revolve around digital publishing. Additional programming specific to children’s publishing, creating author platforms and growing consumer engagement will also be offered.  More details may be found on Digital Book World, an F+W Media event, online at www.conference.DigitalBookWorld.comSpecial group rates are available for companies bringing 3 or more people to the event.


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