The Evolution of Self-Publishing

The Evolution of Self-PublishingA free WEBcast presented by Digital Book World and Publishers Weekly.

Seth Godin. J.A. Konrath. William Paul Young. Amanda Hocking.

It’s safe to say that the stigma surrounding self-publishing is fading fast, if not already a thing of the past, as the barriers to distribution have collapsed and even traditional publishers have established self-publishing imprints of their own.

In this free WEBcast, “The Evolution of Self-Publishing,” we will discuss how self-publishing is empowering authors, disintermediating publishers, and the impact it’s having on the marketplace, especially where ebooks are concerned.

  • How has “self-publishing” evolved in the digital age?
  • Who are the new partners, intermediaries and sales channels?
  • Where do “traditional” publishers and agents fit?
  • What are the opportunities, challenges and pitfalls for authors?


  • Louisa Ermelino, Reviews Director, Publishers Weekly
  • Jason Pinter, author, Diversion Books
  • Carolyn Pittis, SVP, Global Author Services, HarperCollins Publishers Worldwide
  • Phil Sexton, Publisher and Community Leader, Writer’s Digest
  • Victoria Strauss, novelist and co-founder of Writer Beware


  • Guy LeCharles Gonzalez, Chief Executive Optimist, Digital Book World

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7 thoughts on “The Evolution of Self-Publishing

  1. kate harper

    I felt this session was misrepresented by your promo. Using names like Seth Godin. J.A. Konrath. William Paul Young and Amanda Hocking in the descriptions appears as if they were going to speak, whereas the discussion was more from a traditional publisher’s viewpoint. Too bad you couldn’t get one of these authors to speak as a counter point.

    1. Guy LeCharles Gonzalez

      Kate, thanks for attending the WEBcast, and thanks for the feedback! Those authors were used as reference points for the idea that the stigma has faded; they were never promoted as speakers nor was the session promoted as focusing on them. DBW WEBcasts are always from the traditional publishers’ perspective as that’s our primary audience. That said, Jason Pinter and Phil Sexton both represented the writers’ perspective pretty solidly, I think. Your mileage, of course, may vary. Thanks!

  2. Bob

    It’s too bad you didn’t include someone from one of the major author services companies to talk about the changes in attitudes they’ve seen from the traditional publishing industry in the last twelve years. I remember in the early days of BookSurge we talked to every major publisher about white labeling our services to those authors they felt had produced good, but not necessarily marketable books. Obviously, none took us up on the offer, and now 12 years later, we see traditional publishers doing just that.



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