Publishers Launch: eBooks Go Global at BookExpo America

Publishers Launch has announced its first event, eBooks Go Global, to be held at BookExpo America, on Wednesday, May 25. The full-day program will bring in the leading lights of the digital book world, starting with lessons learned in the US book market and expanding to a global view of publishing’s future. Designed for US publishing professionals interested in going global as well as for international visitors to BEA, the day will close with a look at the vast opportunities available for publishers in all languages.

Announced last month, Publishers Launch, the collaboration between Michael Cader of Publishers Lunch and Publishers Marketplace and Mike Shatzkin of The Idea Logical Company, pools together some of the best resources and leading thinkers in the digital book world, as evident in the still-growing list of speakers for eBooks Go Global, which offers a truly global perspective on digital book publishing.

The program for eBooks Go Global is very timely. With Amazon’s Kindle store opening in Germany and Kobo’s initial expansion into Germany and Spain signaling further expansion for both companies throughout Europe, global ebooks are certainly a hot topic for book publishers, and the speakers at Publishers Launch will share practical advice, digital strategies, and industry insights about navigating the digital and the global at the same time.

According to Michael Cader, “We created this show after spending lots of time with the international executives and delegations who come through New York regularly and spend multiple days on digital fact-finding. eBooks Go Global will provide an efficient, stimulating day of digital strategy and practical guidance relevant to publishing professionals from all over the world—as well as those in the US who do business internationally, seek a global perspective on digital change, or simply want a crash course in how we got here, and where we are going.”

Mike Shatzkin added, “We were really conscious of the international audience as we crafted the program. I think the perspectives we’ll offer on the potential disruptions from English and the opportunities to sell other language content in the US, will be unlike what has been done at any other digital publishing show so far. The interview with Barry Eisler, the author who walked away from half-a-million bucks to self-publish, and a panel of smaller publishers tackling ebooks without an IT department, will also probably be among the most educational segments of the day.  In markets where ebooks are just beginning to happen, how small publishers tackle these issues and why authors might go out on their own seem like very distant concerns.”

Among the key questions that will be addressed at eBooks Go Global:

  • What are the lessons learned from changes in the US market and how can this apply in international markets?
  • What does it mean that North American distributors and retailers are expanding into international markets?
  • What strategies are publishers using to increase return on investment in enhanced ebooks?
  • How can the digital help publishers utilize world rights more effectively?

And much, much more.

This is just a taste of what’s planned for eBooks Go Global, but the full program is available online at the Publishers Launch website. Seating is limited, so register now for eBooks Go Global through the BEA site; registering for eBooks Go Global includes a free BEA convention badge for the day.


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