New Releases in the Digital Book World, 7/15/11

Every day, news about exciting and innovative digital releases come across the virtual news desk here at Digital Book World, and every few weeks, we’d like to take some time to just point out a few titles that are making waves in the digital publishing space.

In case you missed it, Peter Costanzo, Director of Digital Content here at F+W Media, also recently penned a great behind-the-scenes piece on The Everything Learning Language series, just released from Adams Media.

But here are some quick links to some other projects released in the past few weeks that have caught my attention.

General Fiction/Literature

Jack Kerouac, On the Road, Penguin Classics Amplified Edition

Jack Kerouac’s On the Road (Penguin Books Amplified Edition)
For the iPad
From Penguin Group (USA)

From the Jennifer Schuessler’s review in NYT ArtsBeat:

The “amplified edition” of “On the Road,” released today by Penguin Classics, certainly comes tricked out with more fancy bells and whistles than a BMW M5. It includes the full text of the novel, of course, with expandable marginal notes giving historical and biographical background. An interactive map traces Kerouac’s three real-life cross-country road trips, with links to relevant passages from the novel. There are never-before-seen photos, rare audio clips of Kerouac reading from an early draft, previously unreleased documents from his publisher’s archive, and a slide show of international covers showing how the book has been marketed from Argentina to Ukraine to China.

Pretty much the only thing missing is the chance to hear the novel read aloud by that sexy-voiced woman from your GPS.



Derek Sivers, Anything You Want, The Domino Project

Derek Sivers’ Anything You Want
For the Kindle, as an Audible audiobook, and in limited-edition hardcover
From Seth Godin’s The Domino Project

From Laura Hazard Owen’s review at

Marketing guru Seth Godin created a new imprint, The Domino Project, in partnership with Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) as a vehicle to experiment with pricing, promotion and other aspects of publishing. The Domino Project’s latest title, Anything You Want by CD Baby founder Derek Sivers, aims to hook consumers with 200 free MP3s when they buy the book….

One of the Domino Project’s goals is to experiment with pricing. The hardcover edition of Anything You Want is also available as a five-pack “for sharing” ($39.99) and 52-pack for organizations and events ($349.99). 100 copies of the book were also available as a “very limited edition collectible,” and they’ve all sold out, Seth Godin told me.



Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

William Joyce’s The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
For the iPad
From Moonbot Studios

From John Pavlus’ writeup at Fast Company’s Co.Design:

Part of why the book works so well is its top-shelf creative pedigree: author William Joyce is also an accomplished illustrator and animator who’s published New Yorker covers, won a bunch of Emmys, created character designs for some of Pixar’s first animated classics, and worked on many others for Dreamworks and Disney. With his cohorts at Moonbot Studios, he created an interactive book-app around the story and a standalone animated film — so you can experience “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore” however you like.

Electric Type's The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book: The Story of Mowgli & Shere Khan
For the iPad
From Electric Type

From Electric Type’s “making-of”:

With 6100 words spread across 59 pages and a limited budget for illustration, our mission was to create attractive and readable text pages, interspersed with 20 interactive illustrations. Nigel created unique spot illustrations and thematic backgrounds for our text pages….

With The Jungle Book, our mission is to bring to our young readers and their parents an experience that doesn’t replace print books, but rather adds to the conversation, expectations, and definition of what a story can be. We hope it will provide hours of enjoyment as readers of all ages are transported to Mowgli’s world.

La Fontaine's Frog and Ox by Poesie Industrielles

La Fontaine’s Frog and Ox
For the iPad
From Poésies Industrielles

From the description:

This version of “The frog who wanted to be as big as the ox” is a truly groundbreaking interactive art book.With a large range of entirely handmade illustrations, this fable from Jean de la Fontaine features elegant animations and stunning interactions that let readers have fun and remember the story without even noticing it.

Word by word, children are eager to play, keen to learn and fascinated by new discoveries. They explore and discover a world bridging classical literature and digital entertainment : read, listen, speak, record and play in two languages : those of Molière and Shakespeare.


Graphic Novel / Comics

Jeff Smith Bone and RASL

Jeff Smith’s Bone #1 and RASL #1 (ON SALE: 7/14 to 7/19)
Dedicated apps for each series for iOS devices
From comiXology

From the press release:

Created by [Jeff] Smith, a multiple award-winning cartoonist, the critically acclaimed BONE series centers around the humor-laced misadventures of the BONE cousins. Booklist writes: “As many comics fans know, the series chronicles the adventures of the Bone cousins – plucky Fone Bone, scheming Phony Bone, and easygoing Smiley Bone – who leave their home of Boneville and are swept up in a Tolkienesque epic of royalty, dragons, and unspeakable evil forces out to conquer humankind.” The series will also soon to be made into a major motion picture.

“BONE is a modern day classic,” said David Steinberger, CEO of comiXology. “We are proud to bring this multiple award-winning comic book into the digital environment for the enjoyment of fans of all ages.”

Published by the #1 children’s book publisher in the world, Scholastic, BONE is one of two books written by Smith that will be released on comiXology. The second, RASL, is a stark, black and white comic book focusing on the hard-boiled adventures of an art thief who hops through dimensional barriers, hiding out on various parallel worlds. In a starred review, Publisher’s Weekly described it as “ a stunning narrative that impresses with its originality, sophistication, and complexity.” RASL will also get its own dedicated app. And to celebrate their release, BONE #1 and RASL #1 will be free with the other books on sale for $.99 from July 14th-19th.

This is just a taste of some of the great things being created out there in the digital book world, but we’re sure there’s more. What new releases did we miss? What are your must-see ebooks, enhanced ebooks, and apps? Tell us in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “New Releases in the Digital Book World, 7/15/11

  1. Morgan

    Some really great eBook’s here! Thank you for sharing these. La Fontaine’s Frog and Ox looks really good! Heck, all of them look great. I can’t decide what to read first. 🙂

      1. John Pansini

        Ms. Chin:

        My Ebook, ROOFMAN: Nail-Banger, Librarian & Spy, is a memoir about my experiences as a double agent for the FBI. Please see my website for further details.

        What I have done in this ebook is truly unique and never been done before: I’ve integrated audio files — tapes of my conversations with the FBI and KGB — into the narrative.

        Mr. Fred Burton, an author and former special agent with the U.S. Diplomatic Security Service, has given me the following testimonial:

        ” Fred would like to offer a testimonial that you folks can use for the book cover and any other promotional material.

        “Roofman is an intriguing, behind the scenes read about being trapped in a spider web of espionage during the height of the Cold War.”

        Fred Burton, VP Intelligence


        Kyle ”

        StratFor is an organization of retired intelligence professionals. Their website is

        If you would like a free copy of ROOFMAN, please let me know. It is available in three formats: pdf, epub and mobi for Kindle.

        Thank you,
        John Pansini

      2. Conrad Taylor

        Dear Y.M. Chin:

        Little about my primitive upbringing, in a remote mining town carved into the upper reaches of the Amazon jungle, prepared me for a first-of-a-kind scholarship to the United States Military Academy. An extraordinary opportunity for most Americans, it was a life-changer for me. Culture shock hardened the ensuing West Point Experience. Third World politics tested it – severely.

        PATH to FREEDOM: MY STORY of PERSEVERANCE is an inspirational memoir. It charts a sometimes-humorous journey of perseverance, resilience, hope, survival, and love, as I traversed between Guyana and the highly-regimented United States Military Academy – at the height of the Vietnam War. The narrative sums up rude awakenings, especially after West Point – because of West Point. It has a simple proposition – fly-or-die.

        Available as an eBook only, it describes what happened upon my return in 1973 to a government turned repressive, anti-American, and paranoid – overnight. The Soviet-leaning, Cold-War-era dictatorship feared regime change. Its leaders obsessed about my being in cahoots with the United States. Mine was the impossible task of proving that I was not – or else!

        More than a memoir, the historically-accurate PATH to FREEDOM provides a unique prism through which to see the cultural trauma of emigration, the personal side of Cold-War-era geopolitics, and the mayhem of Third World politics. The view will be nostalgic for some (Age-of-Aquarius baby boomers), shocking to many (fellow military academy graduates), familiar to cultural transplants, and enlightening for others (aficionados of true stories, academicians, and the curious young). My book’s subtly-threaded love story and its travelogue element – exotic ecology, culture, politics, history, and architecture – sets it apart.

        Available at, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBookstore, and Sony Reader Store, it would be my privilege to send you a free copy of PATH to FREEDOM. Thanks.

        Best Regards,

        Conrad Taylor



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