New Releases in the Digital Book World, 5/13/11

Every day, news about exciting and innovative digital releases come across the virtual news desk here at Digital Book World, and every two weeks, I’d like to take some time to just point out a few titles that are making waves in the digital publishing space.

So here are some quick links to projects released in the past few weeks that have caught my attention.

General Nonfiction

Gems and JewelsGems and Jewels
For the iPad
From The University of Chicago Press, Touch Press, & The Field Museum

From the press release:

“The Gems and Jewels app is a dazzling adaptation of the printed book Gems and Gemstones: Timeless Natural Beauty of the Mineral World (The University of Chicago Press) written by Lance Grande, Senior Vice President of The Field Museum and curator of the Grainger Hall of Gems where the gemstones and jeweled pieces in the app physically reside. Gems and Jewels was developed by Touch Press, creators of The Elements and Solar System for iPad.

Gems and Jewels allows you to hold in your hands hundreds of priceless objects, including: an Etruscan Gold necklace from Italy, a 20-carat natural diamond crystal, and the Aztec “Sun-god Opal” carved in the sixteenth century. Zoom in to see details on these multifaceted objects from a perspective that, before the iPad, could only be experienced by handling the actual objects.”

Flannery, Here on Earth Tim Flannery’s Here on Earth
For the iPad
From Arcade Sunshine

From the product description:

The multimedia version of bestselling author Tim Flannery’s newest work – a magnum opus that traces the history of the planet, the history of humanity, and the impact that we have had on our planet.

Over 60 minutes of multimedia content that both support and compliment the themes raised in the book.

This is the full text of Flannery’s book, along with videos, animations, custom-made infographics, and hundreds of stunning visuals that highlight the key themes raised by the book, and also extend the discussions raised within.

Gareth Malone, Music for the PeopleGareth Malone’s Music for the People
For the iBook (full media), Kindle, Audible
From HarperCollins UK

From the product description:

Have you ever been carried away by a piece of classical music? The sad song of a single violin might make us cry, but the idea of finding out more about classical music can often be intimidating. In this funny, evocative, personal book, Gareth takes us on a journey of musical discovery that explains and entertains in equal measure.

Over the course of three series of the Bafta award-winning The Choir, Gareth has unearthed a passion for classical music in schoolchildren, reluctant teenage boys, and even a whole town. With his infectious enthusiasm and gift for explanation, Gareth’s very personal narrative takes you by the hand and leads you through a world of eccentric composers, flamboyant conductors, troubled geniuses and all the colourful personalities that make up the story of Classical Music. It will also provide a foundation of classical music understanding and give the reader the tools to appreciate a whole new world of music. So whether you want to expand your horizons, spend time with the great composers, introduce an almost infinite variety into your iPod playlist, or are just curious about what you might be missing out on, Music for The People will leave you entertained, informed and completely inspired.

Mystery / Thriller / Adventure

Six Works from Ira LevinSix Works by Thriller Legend Ira Levin
Through Amazon, iBookstore, B&N, Kobo, Overdrive, & Sony Reader Store
From Pegasus Books and Open Road Media

From the description:

Six timeless titles from the legendary Ira Levin are now available in digital format from Pegasus Books and Open Road Media. Levin is an award-winning author and dramatist whose work has spawned myriad famous Hollywood movies and a worldwide cult following. His most famous novel is Rosemary’s Baby, a horror story of modern day Satanism and eerie occultism set in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. “Rosemary’s Baby was a publishing phenomenon rising to the top of the bestseller lists,” said internationally bestselling author and fan Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club). Like many of Levin’s novels, the visual, visceral story also became an award-winning major motion picture.

In addition to Rosemary’s Baby, digital readers can download five more Levin titles: A Kiss Before Dying, a modern novel that set a new standard in the art of mystery and suspense; Sliver, a chilling psychological thriller that explores the menacing evil behind glittering facades of Manhattan’s skyscrapers; The Boys from Brazil, an “irresistible novel, with a science fiction twist” (Newsweek); This Perfect Day, a prescient work about a dystopian future on par with Brave New World; and The Son of Rosemary, the controversial sequel to Rosemary’s Baby.


Monster for PresidentMonster for President
For iOS devices and in print
From Esquire Publishing, Inc., and RipplFX

From the press release:

‘Monster for President’ is a story that reveals the ups and downs of a political race between rivals for control of Monster Nation. All ages will enjoy this comical political parody following the Prez and the Challenger along the campaign trail. Watch and read their great debate. An ace reporter presents some interesting information that might change voter’s opinions. Will the election end in a surprise? Who will become the next President of Monster Nation? Find out by downloading the app or purchasing the hardcover storybook. The app contains many interactive elements. Guaranteed to entertain and delight children and adults from ages 12 & up.

RipplFX adapted ‘Monster for President’ from the original storybook written by Hal Pollock and illustrated by Anthony Parisi. Enhanced features include animation, individual words that highlight when read aloud, professional narration, background audio effects, and special, interactive pages.

This is just a taste of some of the great things being created out there in the digital book world, but we’re sure there’s more. What new releases did we miss? What are your must-see ebooks, enhanced ebooks, and apps? Tell us in the comments below.

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