Kindle Day Roundup: Fire Ships Quick, Reviews and More

amazonBy Jeremy Greenfield, Editorial Director, Digital Book World, @JDGreenGrass

Amazon has decided to ship its hotly anticipated (sorry, couldn’t resist) Kindle Fire tablet a day early, but will consumers like what they get when that familiar brown box appears on their doorsteps 24-hours earlier than anticipated?

PC World called the device “revolutionary” and reviewer Sascha Segan ooh-ed and aah-ed its “amazing specs for just $199.” The Chicago Sun-Times calls the Kindle a “killer device” that won’t “kill” the iPad and reviewer Andy Ihnatko notes “the Fire slips into many pockets and will set you back just $199.” And MSNBC’s TECHNOLOG blog review is simply headlined, “Kindle Fire review: Yes, it’s that good” and reviewer Wilson Rothman notes that much of the “overall potency” of the Fire “comes from that $199 price tag.”

See a pattern?

While many of today’s reviews focus more on the specs than the price (as opposed to many early, September reviews where price dominated headlines), price still seems to be a big factor in giving the thumbs up to the new tech toy.

That said, consumer reviews be damned! You know who likes the Fire? Developers.

According to a new survey out today, developers are nearly as interested in developing for the Kindle Fire as they were in the iPad before its initial launch in April 2010.

The survey of 2,160 developers was conducted in early November by Appcelerator, a Mountain View, Calif.-based mobile development platform, and IDC, a Framingham, Ma.-based market research firm. About 49% of developers said they were interested in developing on the platform; in a similar survey from 2010, 53% of developers said they were interested in working on the iPad platform before it came out. Let’s see, though, how that number changes as the Fire hits store shelves; currently, 88% of developers are interested in working on the iPad platform. (More on this here.)

In other Kindle Day news, the device is set to ship a day early, according to a statement from the company. Originally set to leave warehouses tomorrow (November 15), the Fire will now hit the road today for those who ordered it off PaidContent has the call out to Amazon on if the Fire will also be available at bricks-and-mortar retailers early, too.

Is this move a subtle dig at the Kobo Vox? There were grumblings on Twitter and elsewhere that the Vox, aggressively set to ship by the Toronto-based e-reader company two weeks before the Fire, was not reaching customers on time. More likely, Amazon and its well-oiled logistics machine under-promised and over-delivered.

Oh, and in case you’re interested in a more traditional offering from Amazon, the company also announced today that its Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G e-readers will ship tomorrow, six days ahead of schedule.

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