Give the Readers What They Want: Producing Better Ebooks (WEBcast 10/27/11)

A free WEBcast presented by Digital Book World and the Publishing Innovation Awards

The Publishing Innovation Awards are sponsored by Constellation

Publishers know great content when they see it – the business of books, whether in print or digital, is built around finding and nurturing the very best stories and storytellers. But a great ebook is more than just text delivered digitally. Readers recognize and appreciate quality design. Publishers who deliver beautiful ebooks that travel seamlessly across devices will win lifelong advocates.

So what makes up a great ebook, enhanced ebook, or book app? We’ve asked two leading experts on ebook creation and usability to walk you through the important issues to consider as part of your digital strategy. Anne Kostick, Partner at Foxpath IND, will highlight the issues you should consider when making critical ebook design decisions that will best satisfy your reader, while Joshua Tallent, President and Founder of Ebook Architects, will show you how to make it all work from a technical perspective.

In addition, as part of this 1-hour free WEBcast in support of the Publishing Innovation Awards, we’ll go through the QED, the Seal of Approval for ebooks, and how to make sure your titles pass the multi-platform, multi-format test. In addition, we’ll look at the state of the innovation in ebooks, enhanced ebooks, and book apps, and explore how to make future-proof ebooks today.

This WEBcast occured live on October 27th at 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT.




  • Matt Mullin, Community Relations Manager, Digital Book World

This WEBcast is designed for publishers, editors, marketers, authors, and agents interested in delivering quality ebooks.

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There’s only a few days left to enter your best into the Publishing Innovation Awards. The final day to submit your titles is November 1st – don’t delay.

Also, both Joshua and Anne will present 3-hour, intensive workshops at Digital Book World Conference + Expo on January 23rd, 2012. To register now, go here.

The Publishing Innovation Awards are sponsored by Constellation. Constellation is the most complete digital service for publishers, and currently serves over 275 publisher clients globally.  Constellation offers digital conversion, eBook sales and distribution reaching four continents, digital asset management, digital marketing tools, digital printing, and online sampling.  Custom-built for publishers, Constellation provides digital reach, power and control.  For more information visit them at: Constellation.

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    1. Matt Mullin Post author

      Hi Tikiri,

      We don’t produce transcripts of our WEBcasts, but Digital Book World Members can view our WEBcast video archives in the members section of the site. We usually have the archive uploaded to the members area within a few hours of the WEBcasts completion, but sometimes it can take a full business day.


    I’m wondering if the full audio for this Webcast will be available. All I’m able to see are slides. Thanks.

    1. Matt Mullin Post author

      The full video of the WEBcast is available to Digital Book World Members in the paid members archive now, but the slides are all that will be made available in the article.



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