Good, Better, Best: An Ebook Reader’s Review of Formatting & Design

The DBW Roundtable is a live, interactive webcast featuring some of the most outspoken industry professionals gathering to discuss and debate the hottest publishing issues of today.

In this bi-weekly 1-hour WEBcast, the Roundtable offers insight into the greater book publishing ecosystem with actionable case studies from practitioners in publishing.

Join reading design mavens Peter Meyers & Anne Kostick on August 4th at 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT as they fussbudget their way through a bookshelf of titles. Their mission? Read as many ebooks as their eyes can bear—from different publishers, on different devices, and using different apps—in order to smoke out a top-10 list of common formatting and design mistakes.

From nitty gritty annoyances (botched smart quotes) to big picture no-no’s (TOC snafus), they’ll help authors, publishers, and ebook designers avoid the kinds of missteps that turn book lovers into ebook haters. And fear not: this session isn’t just an hour long complaint fest. For each gotcha, Anne and Peter discuss fairly easy to implement alternatives.


  • Top 10 common formatting & design mistakes (and how to avoid them).
  • What readers want to see in a quality designed ebook.
  • How to fix persistent problems in your digital titles.
  • Best practices for ebook design.


Ebook designers, authors, publishers, and anyone involved in digital publishing for today’s major platforms.

The Roundtable will be broadcast on August 4th at 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST.

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Peter Meyers, Author and Digital Book Producer
Anne Kostick, Partner, Foxpath IND


Matt Mullin, Community Relations Manager, Digital Book World

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