Ebooks’ Real Impact on the Book Publishing Market: 2009 – 2011

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Join us September 20th at 11 AM ET / 8 AM PT / 4 PM GMT for the latest data on digital publishing.

Ebooks are the most dominant force in contemporary publishing, but skyrocketing consumer sales aside, what is their real impact on book publishers’ operations and bottom lines?

In this free WEBcast, we’ll reveal the results, trends, and best practices of ebook publishers as uncovered over the past two years in a three survey series conducted by Aptara – the findings from the third, of which, were just released.  What works and what doesn’t?  From production techniques, preferred file formats and distribution channels, to enhanced ebooks and apps strategies, we’ll discuss how the findings correspond and differ across publishing market segments.  In addition to sharing insight collected from over 1,300 publishers, we’ll talk with digital experts from both sides of the Atlantic to understand how digital publishing is evolving in the United States and Europe.


  • Primary areas where the ebook market remains nascent worldwide
  • Where 1,350 book publishers stand in building their digital programs (the answers will surprise you!)
  • How publisher opinions about DRM have evolved
  • Key differences between digital strategies in the Trade, Academic, and STM markets
  • How issues like ebook design and formatting may be holding back growth in sales


  • Publishers interested in ebook penetration in Europe
  • Publishers looking to inform and improve their ebook strategy
  • Digital strategists looking to understand surprising trends in book publishing
  • Business development executives seeking to capitalize on ebook opportunities

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  • Guy LeCharles Gonzalez, Director, Content & Digital Product Development at Media Source, Inc
  • Frederique Meriot, Consultant on the state of the European Ebook Industry
  • Eric Freese, Solutions Architect, Aptara


  • Matt Mullin, Community Relations Manager, Digital Book World

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