DBW Weekly Roundup: 3/24/11

DBW Weekly RoundupDigital Book World presents a weekly roundup of some of the most interesting news, commentary and tweets related to publishing that you may have missed, from all over the digital book world.

Legal Setback for the Google Books Settlement Agreement

Google Settlement Is Rejected (Andrew Albanese & Jim Milliot, Publishers Weekly): Summary of the decision by Judge Denny Chin, which concluded that “While the digitization of books and the creation of a universal digital library would benefit many, the [Amended Settlement Agreement] would simply go too far.”

Books Settlement statements of: AAP, Open Book Alliance, Nat. Fed. of the Blind (Paul Biba, Teleread): A roundup of statements from organizations in reponse to the decision.

Good and Bad in Google Book Settlement (Corynne McSherry, Electronic Frontier Foundation): Legal commentary about the decision.

Research Libraries See Google Decision as Just a Bump on the Road to Widespread Digital Access (Jennifer Howard, Chronicle of Higher Education): Perspective from the academic community, along with proposed alternatives.

Ebook Lending

It’s Not About HarperCollins (Francine Fialkoff, Library Journal): Continued commentary about the HarperCollins decision to cap lending on ebooks.

No Sharing Allowed: Amazon and book publishers’ stupid attempts to curtail e-book lending (Farhad Manjoo, Slate): An out-of-industry view of the ebook lending controversy, sparked by the brief dispute between Amazon and ebook swapper service, Lendle.

Self-Publishing v. Traditional Publishers

Noted Self-Publisher May Be Close to a Book Deal (Julie Bosman, New York Times blog): News that self-publishing phenom might be shopping around for a four-book deal from a traditional publisher.

Ebooks and Self-Publishing – A Dialog Between Authors Barry Eisler and Joe Konrath (Joe Konrath): While, in contrast, author Barry Eisler rejects a two-book deal and an advance reportedly worth $500,000.

Should self-publishing writers learn to take no for an answer? (Chris Meadows, Teleread): A look at the decision to go with a traditional publisher or not, with a view toward the issue of ebook pricing.

Ebooks at the Leipzig Book Fair

Using Text to “Enhance” E-books and Other Insights from the 2011 Leipzig Book Fair (Siobhan O’Leary, Publishing Perspectives): Highlights from the Leipzig Book Fair, with an electronic publishing theme.

Just for Fun

The Electronic Publishing Bingo Card (John Scalzi)

The Traditional Publishing Bingo Card (Shmuel 510 on Flickr)

Tweet of the Week

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One thought on “DBW Weekly Roundup: 3/24/11

  1. Adam iwritereadrate

    Really good round up of the week, DBW. Yep, some odd, great, and just plain unusual stuff happened this week!

    I particularly liked the articles around the turning down of a $500k deal to self/indie publish. Sign-o-the-times…

    All the best

    Adam Charles



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