DBW Insights: Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt at Digital Book World 2011Michael Hyatt, Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing, discusses social media, bundling, sharing, and the publishing startup program, BookSneeze.

“It used to be when I was coming up in the industry you’d go to the local bookstore and you had really knowledgeable people there who would tell you what the latest and greatest was. Those people, by and large, with corporate ownership of bookstores, have disappeared.”

“We realized that if we could get to the bloggers who had audiences, say 500 people, maybe 5,000 people, and they had social authority with that audience, then we could really help those audiences discover books that mattered to their leaders.”

“I don’t want to be restrained to one format… I think increasingly publishers are going to have to work at bundling their products, or making that an option. The biggest challenge is the whole rights issue.”

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